The Lazy 15: Favourite Disney Character

Hullo there. Am running horribly late with my Lazy 15 posts (and manicures!). Work has just been a little too all-absorbing lately. Anyway, enough of the excuses and on with the post. Today’s manicure theme…well, actually it was last Wednesday’s theme (oops)…is Favourite Disney Character.

Now I think my mind must be a little too literal because this one had me stumped. I delayed doing it largely because I decided that it was too hard for my limited abilities. And well, yes it is but it was only after chatting with a dear friend and fellow polish addict on the weekend that I decided that vague up my interpretation a little.

I give you my interpretation of the Cheshire Cat:)

Cheshire Cat Manicure

Sorry in advance for the dry cuticles – not my best. taking my lead from thsee images of the Disney version of the Cheshire Cat: I attempted to match polishes to the colours in the images. Holding up a nail art swatch stick to a computer screen wasn’t going to provide a perfect match but it is hopefully close enough.

So I used Illamasqua Jan as a base and that’s the colour on the tips of my nails. I then taped across my nails and applied the mauve stripes which was Illamasqua Velocity. I then applied tape across my tips and applied China Glaze Under the Boardwalk with a fine nail art brush in between the tape and the stripes of Velocity. the freehanding of the hot pink was a bit interesting. I’m amazed at how some people can get the most detailed art work on their nails because I can barely paint in a straight line!:) Anyway, once that was dry enough I applied crescent shapes of white stripping polish and then bordered that with black to depict the Cheshire Cat’s massive, mischievous grin. I then applied Seche Vita to the lot.


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