The Lazy 15: Feminine Nails

Hullo again and I’m back for another instalment of The Lazy 15 Challenge.

Today’s theme is Feminine Nails. Now I decided against soft, fluffy pink nails which would probably be your archetypal feminine mani right? In part because I wanted to go for something a bit different but also because we got carried away watching two more episodes of The Wire tonight so I ran out of time to change my base colour.

During the week my first stamping plates arrived from Ninja Polish and I was keen to give them a try having never stamped anything before in my life. I started on my right hand, just trying out a few different colours and oh my, it’s brilliant!!! Why didn’t someone tell me sooner that stamping was so much fun. It’s like nail art for talentless people (aka me!!!). I absolutely loved it. And after only ten fingernails I think I’ve got the hang of it. Of course I can’t guarantee that the pattern is going in the same direction on each nail but hey, it’s early days:)

Essie Raspberry & Jade Magia Negra

Essie Raspberry & Jade Magia Negra

This is Jade Magia Negra stamped over Essie Raspberry. I didn’t the stamped polish too dark otherwise I feared it would look like bordello corsetry! In fact I tried one finger on my right hand with Chemistry (Ozotic) 526 and believe me, it DOES look like bordello corsetry:)

Initially I had also tried Enchanted Polish Cranberry Cosmo which I thought looked wonderful but the ‘other half’ thought it was too subtle, given its similar colouring to Essie Raspberry. So hence the compromise of Magia Negra.

I apologise for my horrendous cuticles too. Unfortunately they’re not getting enough time to recover between bouts of nail art attempts at the moment. We’re away on a drive with my partner’s Jaguar car club this weekend (mind you, not in a Jaguar ourselves since it’s in a state of disrepair in the garage) so I ought to have plenty of time in the car to show my cuticles some love.

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