Orly Royal Navy: how to cure a lemming

Hullo. Noosa Heads turned out to have pretty unreliable 3G network coverage. Well, our apartment was literally across the road from the entrance to the national park so I really shouldn’t have been surprised. Anyway, upshot of that was no blogging for the week. But otherwise lots of reading, walking, swimming, shopping and relaxing so a pretty lovely time all up.

Got home Friday night to a pile of nail mail. My poor partner was worried he was going to get investigated for polish trafficking there were so many wee packages:) I’ll bore you with the details later but one of the wee packages was Orly Royal Navy.


Orly Royal Navy


Now being very new to polish obsession, the hype of the Rescue Beauty Lounge Fan Collection launch kind of passed me by. I was still wandering about in the online nail bloggersphere completely distracted by a succession of shiny, pretty things. A while later I started seeing all these swatches of IKB 2012 and slowly came round to the view that maybe wearing bright blue on one’s fingernails wasn’t such a frightfully ‘out there’ thing to do after all. But of course by that stage IKB 2012, being limited edition and all (how better to generate hype?), was done and dusted, sold out. So I casted about for something approximating a dupe. Queue Orly Royal Navy.


Orly Royal Navy

Orly Royal Navy

Orly Royal Navy

Apologies for the dodgy cuticles and clean up – colours like this are so difficult to clean up completely when even a tiny bit of polish gets into the cuticle. All pics are 2 coats of Royal Navy on top of NailTek II base and with a coat of Poshe top coat (man I love that stuff!). Royal Navy dries to a matte finish which was interesting but I prefer it with a shiny top coat.

Royal Navy has fine sparkles of course, whereas IKB 2012 appears, from the swatches I’ve seen, to be flat creme. But Royal Navy will more than do me. Today was yet another day when I found myself staring at my nails. Yes, I really am that shallow at times:) It was a good thing I wasn’t driving! I got quite a few comments on it, including from a sales person in a tea shop. Yet another win for Orly. I’m yet to come across dodgy formula in an Orly polish.

As for Rescue Beauty Lounge, as much as I’m fond of exploring new (to me) brands I’m undecided as to whether or not to go there with RBL. At about $20 USD a pop plus a hefty shipping cost given there’s no free international shipping until you spend $200 or more, I’m still perched firmly on the fence. There are so many out of stock colours on their site. I gather that a number of them are limited edition and so wont be restocked or re-released. Presumably though not everything on their site that is out of stock is limited edition? Anyone know? I’ve not had the time or inclination to search through the forum attached to their site. Maybe I’m odd or something but if a polish is a limited edition and you have exhausted all stock then why keep the polish on your site? Please, can someone explain? Perhaps I’m just not sufficiently glamoured by the hype yet? Or perhaps it’s my first day back at work after a week’s leave and I’m being a grumpy arse? Jury’s out.

But for now, I’m more than happy with my wee bottle of Orly Royal Navy:). Love and warm fuzzy feelings abound.


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