The Lazy 15: Favourite Disney Character

Hullo there. Am running horribly late with my Lazy 15 posts (and manicures!). Work has just been a little too all-absorbing lately. Anyway, enough of the excuses and on with the post. Today’s manicure theme…well, actually it was last Wednesday’s theme (oops)…is Favourite Disney Character.

Now I think my mind must be a little too literal because this one had me stumped. I delayed doing it largely because I decided that it was too hard for my limited abilities. And well, yes it is but it was only after chatting with a dear friend and fellow polish addict on the weekend that I decided that vague up my interpretation a little.

I give you my interpretation of the Cheshire Cat:)

Cheshire Cat Manicure

Sorry in advance for the dry cuticles – not my best. taking my lead from thsee images of the Disney version of the Cheshire Cat: I attempted to match polishes to the colours in the images. Holding up a nail art swatch stick to a computer screen wasn’t going to provide a perfect match but it is hopefully close enough.

So I used Illamasqua Jan as a base and that’s the colour on the tips of my nails. I then taped across my nails and applied the mauve stripes which was Illamasqua Velocity. I then applied tape across my tips and applied China Glaze Under the Boardwalk with a fine nail art brush in between the tape and the stripes of Velocity. the freehanding of the hot pink was a bit interesting. I’m amazed at how some people can get the most detailed art work on their nails because I can barely paint in a straight line!:) Anyway, once that was dry enough I applied crescent shapes of white stripping polish and then bordered that with black to depict the Cheshire Cat’s massive, mischievous grin. I then applied Seche Vita to the lot.


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The Lazy 15: Dessert Nails

Hullo again. And I’m a wee bit late this Lazy 15 post but still, better late than never. Monday’s theme was dessert nails. And I should add – please forgive the quality of the pics as I managed to flatten the batteries on our camera having only just replaced them (argh) so I had to take these shots using the iPad.

This post is going to be the perfect example of my imagination outstripping my nail art skills. I had envisaged macarons as my dessert nails. And what better polish to represent macarons than the delightful Les Desserts d’Antoinette collection by Lime Crime. So starting with a base colour of Lavendairy I daubed five of the six other colours of the collection in vague, wee macaron-like shapes on each nail. From left to right, the colours are Pastelchio, Peaches Cream, Crema di Limon, Once in a Blue Mousse and Milky Ways.

Macaron Nails

Macaron Nails

Macaron Nails

As you can see I outlined each ‘macaron’ with black stripping polish and then a strip of white stripping polish to represent the mascarpone filling.

Of course as soon as I first thought of what to do I knew my nail art skills, or lack there of, would be an issue so, like a good Lacquerhead, I had a back up-plan. I give you my Fairy Bread Mani.

Fairy Bread Nails

Yes that really is Hundreds and Thousands stuck onto my ring finger. I have a horrible suspicion that Fairy Bread may not be something that translates outside of Australia but here it’s a standard food at children’s parties. Not unlike my mani, Fairy Bread really is just slices of the softest, most nutritiously-lacking-in-substance sliced bread you can find, slapped with margarine or butter and then sprinkled with Hundreds and Thousands. Simple tooth decay in seconds:)

And in totally unrelated news I take delivery of a Thermomix tonight so this weekend I am actually going to try and make Macarons for the first time ever. It could and quite possibly will be a completdisaster. Stay tuned:)

Have you been tempted by Lime Crime polishes? Have they had previous collections beyond the Les Desserts d’Antoinette collection?

Please check out the posts of the other lovely lacquerheads taking part in The Lazy 15.


Deborah Lippmann Forget You or why they say you shouldn’t meet your heroes

Hullo again. i wanted to post my pics of this polish before they got too long in the tooth. This is Deborah Lippmann Forget You.

Deborah Lippmann Forget You

I’d seens some pics of this puppy and an instant lemming was created. Now Deborah Lippmann polishes aren’t the easiest polishes to come by in Australia. Your best bet is eBay or Revolve Clothing. There are other online stores that purport to have international shipping and that stock this brand, however, when you try to checkout purchases it is then that you get the message the the product isn’t available in your region (i.e. Kiss and Makeup, Nordstrom). *sad face*

So anyway, back to the polish. I spanked my lemming for this polish by finally ordering it from Revolve Clothing. And rather than swatch it to a nail art stick and dutifully put it away in my drawers to wait in its ‘untried’ queue, I excitedly put it on straight away.

I’ll tell you now that I think this one is the most densely packed glitter polish I’ve applied so far. It is absolutely rammed full of the stuff. And it’s well suspended too. So application wasn’t a problem. The amount of tint in the black jelly base is just right. And you seriously don’t have to fluff about with fishing anything out with this baby.

Deborah Lippmann Forget You

But there’s a saying that you shouldn’t meet your heroes. Unfortunately I have to say that, for me, that sentiment applies perfectly to Forget You.  And you know what? Looking back at these photos I’m struggling to recall exactly what I found so disappointing about this polish because it looks a gorgeous, a multicoloured burst on your nails.

However, my reaction at the time was ‘meh’. It felt like too much junk on my nails. I didn’t enjoy the look of my tips as the jelly is too lightly tinted to cover the tips so despite wrapping them as per normal, it struck me that the looked sort of dirty. I actually only wore it for one day and couldn’t wait to take it off. I was so disappointed by this polish that I had decided to just gift it on.

Seeing these pics though makes me want to try again. The mani in these pics was three coats of Forget You topped with a coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vita. Currently I’m wondering whether a single coat over a plain black creme would work better? It would at least lessen the amount of glitter on my nails as well as mean my tips are completely covered. Once I’ve tried wearing that way, I’ll reconsider whether this once hard lemminged polish has a permanent home in my collection.

Has anyone else tried Forget You? What was your verdict? Do you wear it over undies or by itself?


The Lazy 15: Feminine Nails

Hullo again and I’m back for another instalment of The Lazy 15 Challenge.

Today’s theme is Feminine Nails. Now I decided against soft, fluffy pink nails which would probably be your archetypal feminine mani right? In part because I wanted to go for something a bit different but also because we got carried away watching two more episodes of The Wire tonight so I ran out of time to change my base colour.

During the week my first stamping plates arrived from Ninja Polish and I was keen to give them a try having never stamped anything before in my life. I started on my right hand, just trying out a few different colours and oh my, it’s brilliant!!! Why didn’t someone tell me sooner that stamping was so much fun. It’s like nail art for talentless people (aka me!!!). I absolutely loved it. And after only ten fingernails I think I’ve got the hang of it. Of course I can’t guarantee that the pattern is going in the same direction on each nail but hey, it’s early days:)

Essie Raspberry & Jade Magia Negra

Essie Raspberry & Jade Magia Negra

This is Jade Magia Negra stamped over Essie Raspberry. I didn’t the stamped polish too dark otherwise I feared it would look like bordello corsetry! In fact I tried one finger on my right hand with Chemistry (Ozotic) 526 and believe me, it DOES look like bordello corsetry:)

Initially I had also tried Enchanted Polish Cranberry Cosmo which I thought looked wonderful but the ‘other half’ thought it was too subtle, given its similar colouring to Essie Raspberry. So hence the compromise of Magia Negra.

I apologise for my horrendous cuticles too. Unfortunately they’re not getting enough time to recover between bouts of nail art attempts at the moment. We’re away on a drive with my partner’s Jaguar car club this weekend (mind you, not in a Jaguar ourselves since it’s in a state of disrepair in the garage) so I ought to have plenty of time in the car to show my cuticles some love.

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